Oleh: arsyadgafar | Desember 20, 2009

Makelar Kasus

I made this blog when the rise of the news about “middleman case” commonly Abbreviated as “markus” (in small letters so as not equated with a person’s name). The theme of this blog is just about legal issues as an extension of the web http://www.nasehathukum.com
As part of the legal community, it inevitably becomes very uncomfortable and disturbed his conscience when disputes cross that Arise bustle around that area “law enforcement”.
Growing cynicism over this that “If there are two legal experts, there will be a thousand opinions” seemed to be an inevitable reality. “A thousand opinions” implies that something that if handled by the legal experts will not find a conclusion. Always found a reason to “blame the other side”.
By the fact that a diligent media showed “public debate” between the attorneys. In fact, such a debate by legal advisers should be only in the trial court, because the judge who will be the referee. If the public debate in front of the television watched by large circles, the debate will only lead to fluctuations in the society that could result in the pros and cons or the controversy is very burdensome. The burden would be added the burden of life is increasingly difficult due to economic pressures. Furthermore, if the load is in such a way that will lead to frustration and even depression that ends in “suicide” in a mental and factual. Suicide “mental” can be in the form of low self-esteem as a nation over a crippling spirit of the people.
Brokerage case that became the top issue since the opening of the trial record before the Court the Commission of the affair Anggodo among high level officials of the country’s law enforcement has made our eyes wide open about what we knew previously as “legal mafia”. Mark that it really exists. That the officials actually  to sell justice for a bite diamond. That really legal facts that can be manufactured. That the officials were not really professional and so on.
As a retiree who is now his profession as a lawyer, is facing the harsh reality on the ground. When at some point will face in an official “who once were men” have been treated unfairly because of markus was more of a priority than “retired” because retirees are not believed to carry the envelope.
In fact, it’s ironic, that the officials preferred to chat for long with the markus than to sacrifice the time to accept the arrival of a professional. Sometimes occurred in the mind, it would be so enaknya markus. (writing is still set to continue


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