Oleh: arsyadgafar | Januari 3, 2010


For some reason, lately rupiah coins became extremely rare. Investigate found that the coins were gone because collected to contribute to “the star of justice” this year Prita Mulyasari .
But why should they donated coins? How to paid  the Omni Hospital sacks of money so?
But anyway, this case actually “coin for Prita”  the all-powerful satire to Omni International, the Court in particular, and the country in general. Very bitter sarcasm. Hard to eat, spit sick. Teasing a very abusive ….
Why people ranging from kindergarten, scavengers, street vendors to Minister would took a busy for Prita  case?
Actually they do not really give a damn, but this Prita case a bitch all circles. The most fundamental is that sense of justice is offended. They all hurt, and do not know what to do. Then, the decision well, to collect the coin. Whoever found the first of such intelligent initiative. Decision of the Panel of Judges fined 204 million rupiah to Prita Mulyasari really beyond reason justice community. Could not figure out, from which the judge calculated the loss to be borne Prita Mulyasari is for 204 million? Generally, in other cases, the judge will only consider the existence of punitive damages were apparent when the plaintiff suffered actual material loss.
But in the case of Omni, what is harmed?
Case gathered this coin is a reflection of public distrust is very widespread credibility of law enforcement. Society no longer believes in the law enforced by the police, prosecutors and judges. As a result, almost all of the execution of court decisions challenged by the losing side, even to the point of causing casualties. Why do they oppose the execution? Because there is already prejudice that law enforcement was “an affair” with his opponent’s. Was there collusion in every case in court? It can be yes, but maybe not. It is said,  because of the easy “intermediaries”  act the stealth operations at all levels of law enforcement. They have access to operate because they were given the opportunity by the officer. Why given the opportunity? Because there is a lot of  money.
This is the source of our law enforcement disaster, as well as a disaster in an effort to eradicate corruption. Thus, the corruptor and the broker is  the couple who need each other.
If we want to fight corruption, we must fight the “case broker” with the officials who gave him a chance.
Good satire “coin for Prita” feels really bitter by the law enforcement in this country.


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